Assistive technology solutions for dementia patients

  • The Problem

    How might we relieve the burden on caregivers by increasing the independence of dementia patients?

    Memory Loss and Confusion

    "She started forgetting about actions she just did, or about details of her relatives. 2 years after her diagnosis, she went missing for 3 days because she forgot how to go home."

    Dementia patients face problems with memory loss and confusion, and this disrupt their daily lives. Patients are often afraid to leave their homes; family members feel insecure when patients are left alone.

    Paranoia and Depression

    "She gets moody sometimes. Complains that family is using her dementia as an excuse to lie to her."

    Dementia patients suffer from depression and paranoia, and this worsens their relationships with their family. Tension often surfaces within the family, as patients burst into fits of emotions.

    Caregiver stress

    "Caregivers have to be firm with the patient. Younger children need to enforce rules on their mom. This role reversal is hard. And its hard when you have to keep reminding yourself that this is not really her its the dementia that's making her act like this."

    Caregivers of dementia patients face stress caring for their relatives that are no longer able to care for themselves.

  • Our Design Process



    We interviewed family members and professional caregivers to validate the problem that they were facing. Our conclusion: dementia patients often forget things and need constant reminders.



    From the problem, we conceptualised our solution. We intend to build a memory aid to help these dementia patients.



    Our product records daily reminders for dementia patients and assists caregivers through timed audio reminders. It is simple and intuitive to use, even for dementia patients.

  • Our Product

    Audio aid

    Daily Reminders

    Caregivers can pre-set reminders for the patients which will be voiced out at certain times.

    GPS Tracker

    Links caregivers to their family members, giving dementia patients the freedom to go where they want to without family members worrying about them getting lost.

    SOS messages

    Equipped with a gyroscope and accelerometer, a SOS message is sent to the caregiver's phone when the patient falls down. This gives caregivers a peace of mind when patients are left on their own.

    Easy and intuitive interface

    We want to minimise confusion and disruption to patients. WIth just two buttons and a screen, the product is easy to use.

  • Meet Our team

    Our team combines creativity, passion and dedication. We want every dementia patient to experience fuller lives, and are committed in our design process to achieve this vision.

    Kenji Ling

    Hardware and prototyping specialist

    Chiew Jia Hui

    Information and resource manager

    Joshua Teo